The Campus is spread over an area of 65 acres. The physical facilities include classrooms, hostels, auditorium, library, sports ground and sports courts, mosque, dispensary, laundry, gymnasium, cafe and computer laboratory with 24 hours internet facility.


Class Rooms: The probationers are divided into smaller Houses. Classrooms have been equipped with multimedia and sound system.


Hostels: The Programme is residential and it is compulsory for all probationers to reside at the campus unless due authorization to stay out of campus has been obtained in accordance with provisions of hostel regulations. Separate hostels have been set up for male and female probationers. Each hostel has its own Warden and Deputy Warden.


Officers Mess: A common dinning facility is operated for probationers which provides free messing to probationary officers.


Auditoriums: There are two auditoriums, the new auditorium and old auditorium with seating capacity of 500 and 250 respectively. Both are centrally air-conditioned. They are used on occasions like joint sessions, extension lectures, presentations, special ceremonies and programmes organized by the Academy.


Library: The Academy has a separate library building and it has around 50,000 books, large number of local and foreign periodicals, magazines and newspapers. Multiple copies of important textbooks on different subjects are available for use by the probationers. CSA Library is an automated library equipped with KOHA software, which is an open source Integrated Library System (ILS) and is being used worldwide. All the digital material is also available for probationers through Learning Management System (LMS)/ Moodle. A computerized catalogue is also available for quick search of books, journals and periodicals through IP: The library ground floor is a Wi-Fi enabled area that provides internet connectivity and probationers can use their laptops/notebooks with built-in wireless adaptor to avail this service. HEC free journals can also be accessed through the  web address:


The following additional facilities are also available:


a) Research and Reference Section;

b) Monthly Newspapers Index;

c) Photocopying/printing facility (on payment basis).


Computer Labs: Two computer laboratories have been set up at the first floor of the Academic Block with 60 computers. Timings of availability of these facilities are notified separately.


Audio Visual Section: The Academy is equipped with audio and visual recording facilities. These facilities are normally used to record important campus events and lectures delivered by eminent guest speakers. A complete record is maintained and probationers are allowed access with prior arrangement.


Transport: The Academy maintains a transport pool mainly for the purpose of meeting probationers' requirements for local visits, Country Study Tours and for use by the visiting faculty. Emergency vehicle is available for probationers 24 x 7 in case of emergency.


The Mosque is located near the Academic Block. The academic and other activities are planned in such a manner so as to provide sufficient time to the probationers for offering prayers in the mosque.


Medical Facilities: A Medical Centre is available on campus. Doctor(s) are available to attend to the probationers during office hours. Serious cases are referred to the hospitals listed on the panel of the Academy.


Laundry / Washerman: The academy has an on campus laundry facility. Washer man will collect the clothes for washing twice a week on fixed days (a maximum of four suits per washing). Ironing facility will be available on alternate days (a maximum of two suits at a time). The washer man will collect the charges from the probationary officers and issue monthly receipt. In case of any issue, the Hostel representatives will act as facilitator. If any probationer does not pay the charges on time, matter will be taken up by the deputy warden. If the matter is not resolved at deputy warden level, warden will be involved and serious action will be taken in this regard.


Beautician & Barber Shop: Facility of Beautician and Barber will be available on Campus. The names of Beauticians and Barber along-with their visit schedule and subsidized rates will be notified.


Tracksuits, Bags and Tie: Each Academic House has been allocated a tracksuit of different color. Probationary Officers have to purchase their respective tracksuits, bags and tie on the date of joining.


Tuck-Shop: A tuck shop with the name ‘Cafe 24’ is available at campus. This cafe is operative during evening hours and remains open as per notified timings.


Car Parking: The Academy discourages probationers to bring vehicles to the Academy as a matter of policy. They are strongly advised not to bring vehicles. However, vehicles would be allowed after approval of the Administration. For security purposes, probationers are only allowed to bring cars registered in their names or that of their parents or spouse. They are required to obtain stickers from the Academy. Entry of only those cars will be allowed which display the sticker issued by the Academy. There are designated car parking areas for faculty, probationers and visitors. Probationers are required to park their vehicles in the designated area only. Violation of specified parking will result in withdrawal of the car parking facility. Wrong parking is a violation and in case of repetition (thrice) the facility of car parking inside the premises of Academy, will be withdrawn.



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